We went to see Fireproof the movie tonight with a group of friends from church.  It was a poignant reminder that we all need to work on our marriages.  What I loved about the movie was it’s straight up message that you need to WORK at keeping your marriage fresh.  Also the movie had a very “in your face” approach to putting the gospel in the movie.  There was a very clear presentation of how to get saved and the importance of living for Jesus.  While a little hokey and predictable at times, the movie was surprisingly funny and had interesting characters.

My favorite part of the movie was the use of the “Love Dare Journal” to resurrect a dead relationship.  It totally made me want one! (  It’s a great tool for strengthening a healthy marriage or resuscitating a dead one.  The bottom line is that there is always hope for restoration with God.  He brings hope to the hopeless.

Remember to invest in your marriage because where your treasure is your heart will be also. (Matt 6:21)

Here are a few marriage sites that can give you some good info:

Remember that God won’t allow you to be tempted MORE than you can endure.  Don’t get discouraged during the rough times.  I’ll leave you with the best line form the movie:

“Fireproof doesn’t mean that a fire will never come, but that when it comes, you’ll be able to withstand it.”


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