Mosaic: God Builds with Broken Pieces

We just finished a series called: Mosaic: God Builds with Broken Pieces.  I am so thankful that God doesn’t use perfect pieces to build with.  He is into making something from nothing.  He formed Adam from dust, Eve from Adam’s rib, and spoke the light into existance!  He is the ultimate creator. (1 Cor 12:12-13)

Have you ever watched an artist take broken pieces of glass and carefully, lovingly place them into a beautiful piece of artwork? God is like that with us. He takes our broken lives and places them into the framework of His church. The individual pieces might be shattered, ugly and seem useless, but put together by His skilled hands you step back and gasp at the beauty of what He’s making, His church. (Matt 16:18)

As I meet with different people every day I am so thankful that we are all uniquely gifted people, each with a part to play in God’s plan.  I am grateful the Lord gave me you!


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