Off to NY City for Personal Growth

Today’s a busy day.  I have a couple meetings and then grab a train to NYC for my pastor’s coaching network with Nelson Searcy.  It’s kind of a Small Group for Sr. Pastors.  Twenty pastors from around the country meet monthly.  We study a different topic each month by reading a book and sharing our thoughts with the group in a report.  When we come together we then discuss the topic for a couple hours.  The second half of the day is spent discussing the pressure points in our churches and finding solutions.  It’s great personally and for our ministries.  Topics have included: evangelism, small groups, stewardship, staffing, raising up leaders, service planning, assimilation (moving people from guests to members) and personal growth so far.

Why I am writing about this here?  Because I want to encourage each of that unless you are intentional about personal growth…you will NOT grow.  I know, not a new revelation there but we really don’t need some new revelation from God, we need to walk out what He’s already given us.

What’s your plan?  Will you be closer to Jesus more next year than you are now?  Is your faith more effective in your life and the life of those around you this year than it was last year?



9 thoughts on “Off to NY City for Personal Growth

  1. Hey pastor Lon, When i said “Just have to remember to come back here”… I ment to this website!!!—took me a minute to figure out how to see the return message. See you sunday–hope you had a good time in N.Y.C. loveandprayerslori p.s. I feel like I’m on the cutting edge with this blogging business!!!!


  2. Cheryl Bickford says:

    Pastor Lon, That is so AWESOME you started blogging! What I read this morning for October 2nd, This part you wrote…”I want to encourage each of that unless you are intentional about personal growth…you will NOT grow.”…that just reminded me of the times when I feel i have no time to sit with God…There IS time…God Makes a way…where there seems to be no way! Thank you for the encouragement!


  3. Barb Mercer says:

    Thank you for obeying God’s call to this area he who is faithful in the little(beginning) will be faithful in much(the now! latter). Always enjoy lifting you up in prayer..


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