Anticipating Sunday

What is your routine on Saturdays?  Mine is normally to spend some family time and then look at my sermon again to try and commit to memory.  After that it’s creating the power point presentation and printing out the notes for to hand out Sunday.  In short, my thoughts Saturdays are about family and the Sunday service.

Saturday is marked by scripture as the Sabbath and we are told to keep it holy.  We sometimes forget this as we celebrate the Lord’s Day on Sundays to commemorate our savior’s rising from the dead.  I’m not here to argue about the best day for worship or even if the Sabbath is still Saturday.  What I am trying to say is that if we put some time into our family and to preparing ourselves for worship we will get more out of both.

If family time is simply “showing up” then are missing the point.  If we just come home, grab some food and turn on the TV we stop connecting as a family.  I’m not anti-TV, I’m simply talking about spending real time together.  “Tell me about your day.”  “What are your dreams?”

It’s the same way with our church family.  If we walk in after the service has started, rushing to get there, stressed about finding a seat, we miss the prep time that gets are heart ready to connect with God in a meaningful way.  If we rush right out after never speaking to a soul then miss the chance to make new friends and connect with old ones.

So today, if you’re reading this blog, take a few minutes to pray for the service, call up a friend and invite them to join you.  Lay out your clothes for tomorrow and find your bible.  Put your cars keys on top of your bible and put both near the door.  Set the alarm to a wake you with worship music with plenty of time to make preservice prayer.  See you there, prepared, calm and anticipating s a great day!!


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