Happy Meal

Well we just had another incredible worship service at the House of Praise.  There is such an expectation of the people present for God to show up and do great things in our lives.  In the last few weeks we’ve seen several people rededicate their lives to Jesus and one first time salvation.  The presence of God has been wonderful.  I feel the unity and the faith of those present and know that God’s blessing us upon us (Ps. 133).

We had a special treat this week with our new Business Administrator Randy Hartwig sharing for communion.  He brought out some excellent insights into the Communion Table but the one that everyone will always remember was the phrase, “This Communion Meal IS a Happy Meal!”  he elaborated by explaining that those that have been saved and set free by the blood of Jesus, the forgiven and cleansed, love the Communion Table because we celebrate what Jesus did for us.

I’m all for solemn introspection and searching our hearts to make sure we don’t partake of the Communion Table unworthily but man, let’s never forget that it’s a celebration of freedom!  After we took the cup and the bread, we sang “My Redeemer Lives”. As we celebrated the freedom from condemnation the cross and empty tomb brought us, I couldn’t help but smile.  This truly is a happy meal.

To learn more about Randy got to www.randyhartwig.com


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