God’s Bling Bling

What does God think is valuable?  What does God think is valuable and what He likes to show off?

This week I preached on some of the things God values: His Word, Obedience to Him, People and You specifically.  I’d like to draw your attention specifically to how much God values obedience to His will and His word.

In the book of Job God brags to satan about how great Job is.

The Lord asked Satan, “Have you noticed my servant Job? He is the finest man in all the earth. He is blameless—a man of complete integrity. He fears God and stays away from evil.” (Job 1:8)

Notice the things that the Lord notes about Job all have to do with doing what is right.  Job is free of blame, innocent…completely morale, ethical and honest.  He gives reverent awe to God and refuses all evil.  In short, Job obeys the ways of the Lord.

Does this bring Job freedom from trial?  No.  We know the story…great tragedy comes upon this upright man.  His livestock stolen, all his money gone, his employees killed and his children die all in one day!  The reason?  Not job’s sin or lack of faith but the simple fact that His Lord knew he could take it.

Satan says if you let me mess with Job he’ll curse you.  The Lord response, go ahead and attack, your wrong.

God is always more concerned with our destiny than our happiness.  He’s more concerned with his eternal purposes than our temporary trials. 

Job is God’s bling bling. Check out how my boy shines!  God was showing off what was valuable to Him, an obedient son.

Have you ever heard someone say that you were in a trial because you lacked faith?  Ridiculous.  Job was blameless yet troubled.  God new that Job would come through the trials with double the blessing he had.  I’m sure Job would have not chosen the to suffer the losses he did but he trusted God through out.

When you go through the trials, (Sorry to tell you this but you will go through trials.) Remember one thing:

The process is more important than the destination.

In all the things you go through don’t lose your integrity.  Be like Job and proclaim, though He slay me I will trust Him. (Job 13:15)  God is creating in you an unwavering trust in Him.  We grow more through trials than we ever do in the good times.


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