Personal Growth

In response to Bill’s comment, here are some thoughts on personal growth.  First, Personal growth really means growing as a person.  We should also work on physical, financial, mental and relational growth.  However, let me say that being a pastor, I’m going to focus on spiritual growth in this blog.

The most effective growth comes as a result of intelligent planning and honest evaluation.  Keep this in mind as I ask you the question, “What is your personal growth plan?”

The first time someone asked me that question my hesitation told my friend the answer.  Then I sheepishly blurted out something like I pray and read a lot.  His response was, “Do you have a clear, written plan?”  “Well no, of course not.” “Then I can pretty much predict how much you’ll grow over the next year.”  Truthfully I was little ticked off by the finality of the remark.  How could he say that?

As I thought and prayed about it, I realized I HAD a vision for my life and for our church too but just had never written it out. The Lord was very clear about how to handle a vision.  He told us to write our vision plainly and big enough so those running can carry the correct message to others. (Habakkuk 2:2-3)  Then the Lord reminds us this vision is for the future.  That there is some effort to fulfill it and that if it seems slow in coming, wait patiently.  I began to write out my goals for prayer, reading the word, reading other Christian books, even activating myself in the gifts God had given me.  I began to see the power of a written vision, the direction it brings.

With a written growth plan you have the ability to measure your spiritual progress, not in a way to fall into performance mode but in a way to stretch yourself press in deeper to the things of God.

We’ll look at how to design this plan tomorrow.


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