Church Cafe

Well, I feel like I’ve gotten a little too “teachy” in the blog so let me take a moment to update you on some church happenings.  We were blessed recently to be able to purchase the entire coffee bar set up from a Borders Books that was closing.  Stainless steel counter and sinks, beautiful cabinets with cherry wood finish, in wonderful condition.  We literally saved thousands of dollars purchasing it for about 5-10% of what it was worth.  Tonight we had our first planning meeting to begin laying out building a café.

Our first thoughts are to call it Café Mosaic. We had such a great response to our recent series Mosiac: God Builds with Broken Pieces that it made me want to continue that theme in our church.  We’re all a pieces of what God’s is building here plus it would be really cool to decorate is with different mosaic art!  We already have our first artwork, a large framed piece that was created by Dalina Quinnones from pieces of broken glass that House of Praise members brought in during the series.

Our plans are to remodel a large unfinished area that was set up for a commercial kitchen.  It sits off the hallway outside the sanctuary so in second phase we’ll blow the wall out of left side of the sanctuary to open the hallway up for seating. Pray the building permits and construction goes smoothly.  I either have great faith or maybe I’m just naïve but I’d praying to complete the first two phases of remodeling before Christmas.

Remember, if you are a person that volunteers in the church or generously gives to see the work provided for you are a piece of the beautiful picture of Jesus that God is building called His church.


One thought on “Church Cafe

  1. Tony Barbaro says:

    That sounds cool…I am no handy man when it come to building,but I will absolutely be buying tons of coffe at the cafe…….T
    What about having coffee house type nights too w/ people from church doing like an open mic thing?Good way to get people to come to church..less pressure,and a relaxed setting.


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