Creative Church Conference – Part 2

The church should be the most creative entity on the planet!  Not Hollywood, not Silicon Valley, not the Times Best Sellers but the church of Jesus Christ.  After all we serve the one who invented creativity!  He is the only one who can create something from nothing.  He is the only one who ever had a new idea. Today Ed Young Jr. told us that children score off the charts on the creativity aptitude tests when they are under 5 but as soon as they start school it quickly drops.  Creativity is replaced with rules for how to play, when to sit, techniques for math and writing.  It’s not that education is bad; it’s that learning best works through repetition.  Repetition stifles creativity.

Romans 12 teaches us not to be squeezed into the world’s mold.  There is no right or wrong way to “do church”.  Jesus communicated in creative, illustrated ways.  He held up a little child and taught us how to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.  This upset the religious people of their day.  Why because they had forgotten about making the truths of God simple to understand and easy to apply to one’s life.  It is the same today.  If you use creative communication techniques people will accuse you of being a “performance church” instead of seeing that more people understand the word of God that is being taught than before.

One of the main themes of the Creative Church Conference (C3) was that mature people reproduce.  Think of it, people are born, grow up, get married and then have babies.  The immature or babies don’t reproduce.  If you’re church isn’t birthing new babies in the kingdom then maybe it isn’t as mature as you think.

Spiritual babies say, “I’m just not being fed.”  A person can be a Christian for 20 years but if all they care about is hearing a new twist on a scripture they haven’t heard before, they are self-centered babies when they should be healthy, reproducing adult believers.  Ed talked further about church’s that were meant to hospitals where babies are born of hurting people are helped have been turned into discriminating restaurants where food critics sample morsels and critique the good food being served.

As communicators of God’s all powerful word we must never bend to the pressure to cater to those who are hearers only and not doers of the word.  We will continue to use every creative method we can to help people grasp and apply the word of God to their life.

2 thoughts on “Creative Church Conference – Part 2

  1. pastorlon says:

    Thanks for the great comment Tracy! We are in a battle for the souls of those who haven’t yet surrendered to Christ as Savior. There is also a battle for the word of God as soon as it’s taught. We know from Jesus’ parable that some of the word of God is snatched away by the birds of the air (demonic powers) as soon as it is sown.

    Your example of there is no Switzerland, you remember that simple phrase a year later and it helps retain the word of God in your heart. There really IS no Switzerland, no neutral ground. We must pick a side in the battle for God’s word. I choose the Lord’s side!

    Thanks again, great discussion.


  2. Tracy Milanese says:

    The creativity definitely reaches people in a way that they can relate to and understand. It’s just using the influences and technologies that are already out there, and putting a different light on them. You reach people where they live.

    I still remember that there is no Switzerland. Like it or not, we are all in this spiritual war, and we better be prepared for the fight. We can’t be neutral.


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