Pursuing an Attitiude of Gratitude

In the story in Luke 17:11–19 Jesus encounters 10 lepers.  They ask for mercy and Jesus responds by sending them to the priests.  As they go along their way they are all healed.  The odd part is only one of them returned to Jesus to thank Him.

It seems that it is human nature to call out to the Lord during the rough times but forget to live a life of thankfulness after He gives us mercy.

During the weeks immediately following 9-11, churches were fuller than they had been in a long time, but then just as quickly the churches were filled, the attendance dropped in new year.   Once the urgent need for God’s help faded so did the desire to connect with Him. 

In the first sermon of the New Testament Church the Apostle Peter explains to the listeners that the man they crucified was in fact the Messiah.  (Acts 2:22-36) Their response was what must we do to be saved?  Peter responds for them to repent, be baptized and they shall receive the Holy Spirit but then he says something strange.

“Save yourselves from this crooked generation!” (Acts 2:40)  Those that accepted that warning were added to the church.  They understood that their job was saving themselves from the influence by obeying Peter’s charge and immersing themselves in the teaching and fellowship of the church.  In short, they were illustrating their gratitude for their salvation by returning to Christ’s through connecting with His body here on earth.  We must return to the Lord and continue to walk in His grace not just because it is what’s best for us but because we are grateful for all He has done.  (Heb 10:25).

3 thoughts on “Pursuing an Attitiude of Gratitude

  1. pastorlon says:

    Thanks for the feedback Tracy and Barb. You’re both always such an encouragement.
    I’m more thankful for God’s grace today than in at any time in my life. I am constantly reminded that I fall short and need His mercy but thank Him that His mercies are new every morning and His grace is sufficient for me!


  2. Barb Mercer says:

    One thing that I always remember and can not get away from or do I want to get away from is my salvation! The Grace and Mercy on that day is forever tattoo in my mind! Something I am eternally grateful..so how much more for the empty seats!


  3. Tracy Milanese says:

    I love a humbling experience. Every now and then your mind just wants to tell you how smart you are or how you’ve got it all together in some area. Then you do or say something that makes you remember the truth. Makes me laugh at myself every time.

    Thank God that He (and His Grace) is with us when times are tough… and when everything is great. We need Him all the time.


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