What are you Really Accomplishing?

In Exodus 18:13-26 Moses gets a visit from his father-in-law Jethro.  Jethro asks Moses one of the most important questions anyone can ask, “What are you really accomplishing here?”

Moses seems a little surprised by the question.  His reply appears to be justifying his daily tasks by spiritualizing it all.  “I settle disputes, I inform people of God’s decrees and I give them instruction.”  What do you mean?  I’m leading the people!  If they argue, I fix it.  If they want to know what God’s word is, I tell them.  If they need advice or wisdom, I give it to them.  He might as well have said, “Don’t you know how important what I do is?”

In fairness to Moses he WAS doing important things and was helping people but…He wasn’t being as effective as he could have been.  Jethro told him, “This is not good.”  People get surprised every time I tell them, they’re doing too much or stop doing everything in your ministry or job yourself.  Jethro summed it up nicely by saying you’re going to burn yourself out and the people too!  I’ve seen wonderful Christians that were solid people, leaders in the church, backslide and end up going to church nowhere because of burn-out.  Do you want my definition of burn-out?  You get “burned” by the devil when you are “out” of God’s will.

Jethro’s solution: delegation and duplication.  Appoint and train leaders to oversee groups of 1,000, 100, 50 and 10. Let them only bring you the big things that they can not handle themselves.  You continue to teach the vision and God’s instruction, let them teach the people how to live.  He said THEN all the people would have peace.

One of the most important things any leader can do is to delegate because of several reason:

1. Delegation prevents burn out on your part.

2. Delegation reduces the frustration for those you work with.  When a leader can’t effectively care to those under their care or complete all their responsibilities because they are too busy then everyone who works with them is frustrated.

3. Delegation leads to duplication by providing opportunity for a larger number of people to complete tasks previously done by one person.  This in turn leads to a greater number of leaders being mentored and released as well.

Note: There should be no delegation with accountability.  Giving a person a task without helping them learn how to do it and without following through to hold them accountable to complete the task isn’t delegation but relegation.  (Just throwing something to someone and walking away.)  Here are some questions to help you:

·      What are you currently doing that someone else could do better than you?

·      What are you currently doing that isn’t part of achieving your position’s goals?

·      Do you spend at least half your time working on things that will help you achieve your vision?

Maybe it’s time to identify a dependable, gifted person you can delegate to…

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