Excellence is an attitude not an ability

Excellence is an attitude not an ability

I walk into an unusually tidy bedroom to see one of my daughters.  “Wow, you’re room looks great.” I commented surprisingly.  She explained that mom had said she couldn’t leave her room until it was clean.  “How long have you been up here working?” I inquired.  “Oh, not long.” she replied.  The Sherlock Holmes in me became instantly interested.  “Not long” I thought.  “Not long!  I’ve seen this room.” I investigated the closet.  The door was pushed out off the track and it was nearly impossible to open, even for me.  I then noticed several items of close and toys protruding from under her bed.  You know what happened next. I proceeded to explain that stuffing piles into the closet and under the bed wasn’t what her mother had in mind when she used the word ‘cleaning’.  Over the whines and objections I calmly and loving instructed about doing your best, doing things with excellence.  I don’t think she got it but neither did I, the first hundred times my mom explained it to me.  “Sometimes you do the right thing just because it’s the right thing.” my mother with exclaim in response to my “But Whyyyyyyyy?”

Doing things with excellence is an attitude.  It’s about personal pride in a job well done.  It’s about knowing you answer to a higher standard than most. “I don’t care what others kids do…” my mom would teach, “we don’t behave that way.”

Work willingly at whatever you do, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people. – Colossians 3:23

When you’re on your job, in you school, or serving at church.  Do you best because you are working for God and because it’s the right thing.

My daughter can’t clean her room as well as adult and we don’t expect her to.  We do however, expect her to give her best effort. God doesn’t say we have to BE the best; we just have to give God our best.  He’ll make up the lack to multiply it.  After all, He’s never been impressed with our ability, but He is keenly concerned about our attitude.

This Sunday at House of Praise, (www.NoPerfectPeopleHERE.com) we’ll look at Giving God Your Best.  I hope to see you there.



One thought on “Excellence is an attitude not an ability

  1. Barb Stevens says:

    It is the little things that kids pick up on. When you want to share with them what your best is you give examples in what little things you do during the day that involve her. I think God does the same thing for us adult minded. He always gave examples and discussed them.
    Example: Preparing her clothes: what is it that you do for her so she can look good in front of her friends and mirror? sort them / clean them/ iron them/ hang them/ place them in her room/ view her.
    You can take it from here right? Take a step at a time and omit one. Will she think you did your best? She knows what you are capable of right?

    Take the next meal you provide. Choose what will be in the meal. Shop for it / prepare each part to her liking / serve it / eat it/ clean up.

    Omit something or in this case add something that is displeasing and you know it. You see she knew stuffing was not the right thing to do. She was just trying you out to see if she could get away with it. God is not testing us as many times as we think. We are the ones doing the testing.

    When we give our all to God we first need to ask ourselves: What is it that I do not want to give up for God? What is it that will be the easiest to give up? Why do I not want to give it up? If that is the easiest what would I consider the hardest? How can I give God my best if I block my own way? How can God see what I am really capable of If I choose to hide everything under the bed or in the closet??????


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