Dominos: Little Thing Can Have A Big Impact

As I prepare for sermon next week called Dominos: Cause and Effect I am reminded of the Butterfly Effect (How a seemingly insignificant action can have a great effect such as a butterfly flapping its wings in the Amazon may cause a hurricane in the Pacific.)

Tonight Monday August 1st, 2011 we are hosting an event called Stop the Traffic Freedom Drive. Can a little thing like signing a car make any difference in the huge, world-wide issue of Human Trafficking?  I mean there are 27 billion slaves in the world today…more than any other time in history.  It’s a multi-billion dollar industry and the fastest growing criminal enterprise.  Can my signature make any difference?

It can when it’s on a driving petition headed for Washington, DC to ask for stronger law to protect the victims of Human Trafficking.  It can when it raises awareness of how often this issue happens right in the U.S.  I know one thing, doing nothing will have an effect.  The slavery of children for deviant, sexual bondage will continue to grow.

Doing nothing, is like a butterfly wing causing a world-wide storm of injustice.

Sign the car, 7:30pm tonight.  House of Praise, 1688 Route 9, Castleton, NY 12033

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