Human Trafficking Myths #2

While we believe that trafficking is a problem in Asia and Africa, most people have trouble believing it’s an issue here in the United States.

Myth #2: Human Trafficking is NOT a Problem in America

Hidden Truth: The U.S. State Department reports between 700,000 & 800,000 people are trafficked across borders each year! An estimated 300,000 children are sold inside the United States every year. The hidden truth is America is one of the top three destination points for victims!

If you dig you will find Human Trafficking has occurred in your city.  There have been several arrests in upstate NY, where I live, in the last year alone.  American still has slavery, it’s just hidden.  The ugly fact is, there are people being bought and sold today right in a city near you.

As with any recovery program the first step is admitting there’s a problem.  If we know the truth, the truth will set people free.


Join the fight against slavery.  It begins with an information war to let the truth be known.  Help your friends learn this topic, by letting them know about this blog and sharing it on your social media accounts as well.


This is the second entry on this topic. With these blog I am attempting to address the most common Human Trafficking Myths.  If there’s a myth you’d like addressed, e-mail me or leave a comment below.

See Myth #1

3 thoughts on “Human Trafficking Myths #2

  1. The myth is again exposed as false by recent news that three girls were held against their will in a Cleveland residential neighborhood. Neighbors said the three brothers that committed the hideous crimes of kidnapping, rape, drugging and sex slavery were ‘normal’ people they knew in the neighborhood and ate BBQ with. Two of the women they enslaved were teen runaways held by these men for 11 years! Also rescued was a 6 year old they had recently captured.


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