2013: A Personal Review

I don’t usually write about personal topics.  I prefer to write about leadership, church growth or our church itself.  I thought I’d make an exception today and tell you how 2013 was for me personally.

In 2013 (after much prompting from my caring wife) I focused on getting healthier.  
I lost 58 lbs, had my knee repaired and got orthopedic shoe inserts to adjust pronation, all of which caused me to walk better.  I worked to bring high blood pressure down to normal by controlling salt and caffein intake.  I then had a medical procedure to fix an irregular heart beat that had gone into chronic AFIB…wow.  I didn’t realize until I wrote this how many medical issues I had.  I had neglected my personal health to focus on improving our church’s health.  Never a good trade off.

The only thing that changed was my decisions.  i decided to make subtle changes and seek help.  As a goal-driven leader, in years past I felt that I could fix my health issues myself.  Once I admitted I needed help, it really wasn’t that hard.  I followed my friends Deb & Tony’s success into Medifast and it worked great for me.  I stop procrastinating doctor’s care that I should have pursued years ago.  That’s all it took, a couple simple decisions.  

We often make personal change look like an insurmountable obstacle.  Don’t look at the 100 pounds you have to lose, start by choosing your strategy. Then commit to do it for one week, no cheating.  At the end of the week, evaluate.  It’s very similar to the highly effective 12 step programs that encourage “one day at a time”.  Look at your next step only.

In ministry we had some great moments in 2013.  Our church is doing really well and it was a good year spiritually.  We saw thousands saved through Joel Osteen’s Albany Night of Hope and made some great connections with him personally.  We had the biggest Easter and biggest Christmas services ever.  I believe our church is now positioned for the greatest growth in it’s history.  We will do what we need to do in 2014 to prepare for what God is going to do.

Like any year, there are set backs and victories, deaths of loved ones and new births.  You can only control how you respond.  What decisions will you make?

Personal goals for 2014 you ask?  Well I’m committed to this year being my break out year in ministry personally.  I’m committing to get published and to begin traveling to speak again.  I have already booked a couple of speaking engagements early in the year.  (Don’t worry House of Praise.  I will continue my commitment to be in the pulpit at least 40 Sundays a year.)

That’s all for now.  2014 is going to be a great year.

One thought on “2013: A Personal Review

  1. Kay Cotton says:

    So glad to hear you are making choices to take better care of your health. We all want you around for a L O N G time! God’s best to you and your lovely family this New Year!


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