What’s wrong with a Hipster Christmas Anyway?

If you haven’t seen this Hipster Nativity Set, it’s a real product for sale. It’s so popular that even with a pricey $129.99 price tag, they are flying off the shelves, and limited to three to a customer.

The set takes the traditional nativity figures and gives them a distinctly hipster form. Joseph has a man-bun and is taking a selfie. Mary is holding a Starbucks latte in one hand, making a peace sign with the other, is dressed in a sweater that is off one shoulder and is of course making a duck-face for a selfie.

The Magi are arriving on Segways with Amazon gift boxes under their arms. The shepherd is working his iPad. The sheep and cow are even involved: the sheep is wearing a hand-knitted sweater and the cow, eating gluten-free feed, bears a “100% organic” seal.

If you’re not hip to the Hipster vibe, let me explain…Hipsters are ‘cooler-than-you’ because of their independent thinking, counter-culture attitude, appreciation of art & indie rock and their ironic clothing choices.

Listen, I find this whole Nativity Set hysterical and eerily accurate. (I would love one as a Christmas gift…hint, hint) It’s a satire on how far out of control our lives are. BUT why does this Nativity upset so many of my Christian friends?  I truly don’t believe it’s meant to disrespect the holy family or Christmas.  It’s mean to be funny.

I think what upsets so many people is, that it’s too true!

We have the pressure to get the right gift from Amazon, to keep up with the latest organic and fair trade trends, upgrade to the newest ‘must have’ technology and capture all of it in a selfie on our new phone.

None of these things are wrong but be careful not to overspend (another blog for another time) and not miss the meaning of Christmas.

Before you think I’m an old fart, getting on the young hipsters, there are many ways to miss the meaning of Christmas.

When asked the meaning of Christmas, the most common response is ‘spending time with loved ones’.  While I think that’s important, the meaning of Christmas is a celebration of Christ’s birth.  How do you do that?  Start by reminding yourself of the story of the first Christmas.  One way to do that is at church.

You’re invited to recapture the meaning of Christmas at House of Praise in person or on-line: NoPerfectPeopleHERE.com

Check out the website for time and direction.

Oh, and have a Happy Hipster Christmas, just remember Jesus in the midst of it.

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