Lon Dean, creative thinker about life and leadership

Lon is a motivational speaker and leadership consultant who specializes in creative thinking that has a way of provoking stagnant to change.  He presents the truth in highly creative means which challenges what is considered ‘the norm’ in today’s society.  Lon is a life-long learner, a freedom author, a organization reengineering expert  and a modern-day abolitionist.

He received a degree in Information Management from Syracuse University with a focusing Business Process Reengineering.

He studied Counseling at the Master’s Level at Christian International and Strategic Leadership at Newburgh.

Currently, Lon specializes in consulting on: team management, leadership development, guest retention, restructuring churches for breakthrough growth and long-term strategic thinking.  He is best known for turning around declining churches into vibrant faith communities.

He is the author of Setting the Captive Free: A practical guide to freedom. He has traveled throughout the U.S. and over a dozen countries training churches to help free the oppressed and depressed.

Lon has overseen several churches in upstate New York and been on the board for several others throughout the U.S.  He has mentored scores of pastors and church leaders in everything from church business practices to hearing God’s vision for your church.

Background Info: Pastor Lon was born and raised in Syracuse, NY where he met and married his wife Joanne. They have been happily married since 1991 and are the proud parents of 4 beautiful and talented daughters.  They have led the House of Praise since 2005, a modern, creative and fast-growing church in Castleton, NY (a suburb of the state capital Albany, NY). The Deans began their pastoral ministry in 1992, serving as Children’s Pastors,  Associate Pastors and eventually Campus Pastors in Rome, NY for Redeemer (formerly Mt. Zion Ministries) of Utica, NY.

About House of Praise Church: Pastor Lon’s philosophy is that church should be life changing but should also be fun! While he an extremely entertaining speaker, he’s serious about listeners growing in their faith.

This philosophy is reflected in his approach to life-application teaching using uniquely creative means to illustrated sermons to help people retain and apply what is taught. This approach ensure that people remember what is taught and to target his teachings to hit people where they really live (life-application).  If you would like to watch him teach on-line, go to NoPerfectPeopleHERE.com

Contact: If you are interested in having  Lon speak at your church or to have him consult with you or your organization regarding a challenge you have…or if just want to ask him a question, contact him via email: pastorlon@houseofpraise.cc or call 518-477-8747.

One thought on “Lon Dean, creative thinker about life and leadership

  1. Ellen Bailey says:

    Hello Pastor Lon! I don’t know if you remeber me, I am Jason Baileys’ sister, you baptized me in January. You have a real exciting church going on there! I am a new found christian. I had the support I needed from my family in N.Y., and I hope to move back there soon one day.Even though I am a stranger to you I want to say thank you because that was a turning point for me in my life, thanks to God, my family, and to you. Take care, Ellen.


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