Human Trafficking Myths

As with many topics, there is a great deal of MYTH-information and incorrect assumption surrounding the area of Human Trafficking. Over the next few days I will attempt to rebuke the most common Human Trafficking Myths.  If there’s a myth you’d like addressed, e-mail me or leave a comment below.

If you have friends that are interested in this topic, please let them know about this blog and share this on your social media accounts as well.  Why? Because the more we talk about Human Trafficking and the more correct information we can share, the more people learn about the issue.  The more people learn, the more people become aware and care. The more that are aware, the harder it is for the traffickers to hide and the more slaves that may be set free!  So here we go…

Myth #1:  Slavery isn’t a big problem today.

FACT: There are actually more human beings enslaved today than at any other time in the planet’s history. According to the United Nations there are over 27 million victims world-wide, half of which are children.[1]  The Department of Justice says it’s the 2nd largest criminal enterprise following illegal drugs.

The truth is the abolishment of slavery is far from complete.  We may not have people chained and sold legally in town squares anymore but they are sold just the same.  We can not allow this to continue and we must work together to end slavery in our lifetime.

Look for another myth tomorrow. Myth #2