Performance or Providence

It was an awesome weekend. The prophetic gathering was powerful Saturday morning and the new member’s lunch following was a fun bonding time. Then Saturday night just spending time worshipping God and praying capped the day off. Followed by 260+ people hearing Tino Wallenda preach from atop a high wire.  There was press coverage from two newspapers and a TV station but most important was there were also many 1st time salvations…God is so awesome.

This is the type of service that causes religious Christians to complain or gossip.  “It’s all a show.  He’s just trying to have a performance.”  “They have a performance church.”  I shouldn’t have to defend a service style that brings in dozens of first time guests and leads to several true first time salvations but I have to admit some of those comments had started to get to me.  I felt the need to justify my decisions when people are saying they won’t come to church if there’s a circus performer.  I get a little hurt that people don’t trust my judgment yet.  But it all was forgotten with one conversation.

I met a young lady who came with a girl who herself has only been saved for 3 months.  She said “I came to support my friend in her decision to stay sober and clean but really I’m an atheist.”  I gave her the book The Case for Christ by lee Strobel and explained to her that it was written by a former skeptic and told her that God wasn’t upset by her doubts or questions.  She smiled as she accepted the book and said, “I was moved by what I saw here today.  I felt something…something here in this place.” This began an exciting 15 minute conversation about the search for the reality of God, a conversation that ended with her promise to see me next week.

“This is why you’re here.” I thought as I walked away.  One conversation with a genuinely unchurched person who took a giant leap towards faith erased all the complaints and second guessing.  A performance?  No.  Divine Providence lead me to invite Tino Wallenda to preach today and the results (changed lives) will speak for themselves.